Lodro Rinpoche


  H.H. 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje
  H.H. 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje
  H.H. 14th Kunzig Shamarpa Rinpoche
  Venerable Lodro Rinpoche
  Lama Tenzin Wangchuk
  Lama Nyedon Rinpoche
  JE Karma Trinley Rinpoche

Venerable Lodro Rinpoche

Ven. Lodro Rinpoche was born in Gha county of Dhokham, Tibet. At a very young age, he had both great faith in, and a clear vision of, Dharma. It was as though the instincts of many earlier existences had possessed him with equality consciousness as well as incomparable love and compassion for all sentient beings, irrespective of their status, both great and small.

Early in life, he respectfully bowed at the feet of many spiritually advanced Lamas and, in this way, was given the opportunity to grow quickly in his study of Buddha Dharma. Through these holy Lamas he received initiation, deep spiritual transmission through reading and scriptural explanation, as well as the most quintessential of the teachings of the Buddha. He had abandoned worldly life at an early age.

Lodro Rinpoche undertook pilgrimages to numerous holy places and practiced intense meditation in places that, for ages, had been blessed by many great Tibetan saints. It was during this time that he discovered that the monastery of the great saints Marpa, Milarepa and Thakpo had fallen into ruin due to some unfortunate occurrences in Tibet. When he saw how the beautiful teachings of Marpa, Milarepa and Thakpo had deteriorated into mere vestiges in print, he felt broken-hearted.

It was then that he made a strong personal commitment to restore, to their full glory, the teachings of this incomparable lineage. Highly motivated to see his vision succeed, Lodro Rinpoche began contributing wholeheartedly to the restoration of Buddha's teaching in the area. The seed of Dharma, once again, was planted in the minds and hearts of the local people.

Lodro Rinpoche then left Tibet and traveled into Nepal and India. He sat at the feet of many great Lamas and Khenpos from both old and new traditions alike. He fused some strong spiritual relationships with them and furthered, under them, his studies of the Great Philosophical Treatises. Filled with a natural enthusiasm, he also traveled to the home countries of many disciples from both East and West. He visited their wonderful Dharma Centers in order toteach and propagate Buddha Dharma.

One of the mission of Lodro Rinpoche today is to transform Marpa Kagyud Buddhist text into electronic format in order to both restore the text that has deteriorated in its original parchment format and to re-encode it digitally so that it cannot be lost. It will then be simple to print legible copies for all who wish to study. By dedicating his life to this form of Buddha Dharma, it is Lodroe Rinpoche's prayer that existence of these great scriptures will continue to benefit all sentient beings.