H.H. 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje
  H.H. 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje
  H.H. 14th Kunzig Shamarpa Rinpoche
  Venerable Lodro Rinpoche
  Lama Tenzin Wangchuk
  Lama Nyedon Rinpoche
  JE Karma Trinley Rinpoche

H.H. 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Trinley Thaye Dorje was born on May 6,1983 in Bakhor, Lhasa Tibet.

At the age of ten, he was recognized as a reincarnation of the late His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, Ranjung Rigpe Dorje, by His Holiness the 14th Kunzig Sharmapa, Mipham Choekyi Lodoe, second in the line of lineage holders of the Karma Kagyu school.

At a very young age, he had shown many extraordinary qualities in the area where he lived around and he had declared "I am the Karmapa". In 1994, he and his family arrived in Karmapa International Buddhist Institute (KIBI), New Delhi, India. The young Karmapa arrived in New Delhi in March of the same year, where during a welcoming ceremony H.H. Shamar Rinpoche formally recognized him as the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. The 17th Karmapa was given the name of Trinlay (meaning Buddha activity) Thaye (limitless) Dorje (unchanging).

During his stay at KIBI, His Holiness studied various Buddhist texts and rituals under the guidance of late Topga Rinpoche, a Vajra master of Tsurphu monastery in Tibet. His Holiness is also keen to explore other disciplines such as Astrology, biology and technology. His Holiness is always spontaneous, open and kind towards all people.

The 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje currently resides in Kalimpong, India, where he continues his spiritual training and Western education. As a spiritual Head of Karma Kagyu lineage, the objective of His Holiness is to propagate the Buddha Dharma for the benefit of all sentients beings and to preserve the unbroken lineage of the Karma Kagyu School.

Source from Diamond Way Buddhism