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Grand Mani Puja 2014
13 Nov, 2014 - 1 Dec, 2014

Mani recitation program 2014 led by Lodreu Rinpoche and Lamas on 13 Nov to 1 Dec 2014.

Kurukulle Empowerment (16 Nov 2014)

Kurukulle Dakini (Tib. Ri Jyema) is the deity of authority in Tibetan Buddhism, the feminine embodiment of enlightened wisdom appearing as a semi-wrathful dakini skilled in magnetizing all possible resources. She is endowed with the ultimate power rendered from the union of compassion and emptiness, possessing virtues that are all-pervasive and spontaneously present in the three realms, and mastery of all-accomplishing activities.

She is therefore also known as the Dakini of Love and Magnetism. The vastness and profundity of her merits are beyond measure If one practices Kurukulle with faith, one would obtain the merits of a celestial being, earn respect and power from others, improve social relationship and attract positive connections, thrive in ones career, being loved and valued by families, friends, and subordinates. All beings owe their gratitude to this dakini due to her great compassion. The Kurukulle sadhana not only offers swift success but also magnetize beings in the six realms and offer them the benefit of liberation from samsara.

(excerpted from Dechen Rang Dharma Center website)

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