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Vajrasattva Retreat (金刚萨多闭关共修)
July 24th - 25th, 2010

Last friday day night, friends from Malaysia and Singapore flocking into Marpa Kagyu center to join the two days Vajrasattva Retreat which was led by Ven. Lodro Rinpoche and three honourable Lamas.

During the retreat, Rinpoche started by explaining the purpose of the retreat and how to make Vajrasattva meditation-visualization,recitation the most powerful purification. Vajrasattva retreat is not simply about reciting mantra but more on making the practice effective for our mind.

Vajrasattva (in Tibetan Dorje Sempa) is the Buddha of purification. This retreat gives the opportunity to purify our negative action we have accumulated by engaging in the purification practices of Buddha Vajrasattva. Through purifying our negativity, our mind will gradually become happier and happier, good qualities will increase, and our mental and physical problems will gradually reduce or even dissapear.

Some reference on Vajrasattva practice which some of you may find it helpful!! Daily Purification: A Short Vajrasattva Practice

Thank you so much for all your participation & amazing support (especially to friends who organized this and also those who prepared & serving two delicious meals for the two days!!!)

上周五晚上,来自马来西亚和新加坡的朋友们纷纷抵达 马尔巴噶举中心参加两天金刚萨多闭关共修. 这次共修,是由Lodro Rinpoche和三位喇嘛率领。 在共修中,仁波切开始解释闭关共修的目的以及如何可以使金刚萨多禅修, 视想以咒语背诵成为最强大的净化。

金刚萨多闭关共修并非仅是咒语背诵,但更多在于如何让修行促使我们的思想以心灵 能够更有效的达到净化.

金刚萨多(藏语-多杰森帕)是净化佛。金刚萨多闭关共修给予我们机会去 净化我们所积累的一切恶业行为. 通过净化,我们的负面情绪以及我们的心会逐渐变得更快乐, 更幸福,良好的素质将增加,我们的精神和身体的问题会逐渐减少甚至消失。

这有一些参考金刚萨多修行的做法(英语版),可能可以帮助你们了解更多! Daily Purification: A Short Vajrasattva Practice

非常感谢所有朋友的参与与支持 (尤其是那些组织这次共修的朋友们和在厨房里准备和侍候连续两天的美味餐的朋友们!)

By magicpiece (30th July)