Past Events

Amitabha Jang Chog Puja (阿弥陀佛超度法会)

April 19, 2014 (10am-9pm) (by Lodreu Rabsel Rinpoche)

Amitabha Jang Chog Puja allows us to accumulate merits through making supplications,

offerings and confessions to Buddha Amitabha and is then transferred to the deceased to

help them in their purification and liberation. This will help the deceased in the Bardo

and show them the path to Enlightenment. During Amitabha Jang Chog, the name of the

deceased is written on a paper and then is burned in the process of the puja to symbolize

purification of all the gross and subtle defilements, obscurities and negative karma of the

individual by the fire of wisdom and thereby ripen their merit to be reborn in

Amitabha pureland of Dewachen.

Programme Timetable

19 April 2013

10.00am - 12:00pm Amitabha Jang Chog Puja

2:00pm - 5:00pm Amitabha Jang Chog Puja

7:30pm - 9:00pm Dharma Talk - The Right ways of Practising Buddhism

If you are interested to join, please fill in the Amitabha Jang Chog Puja Registration form and email to :marpakagyu.sg@gmail.com or call 65-9858 6372