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The Naga Puja Day
July 12, 2013

In Buddhism, Nagas are serpents or snake-like creatures that affect environment, some aspect of life e.g. happiness,wealth. disease and illness. Therefore, the Naga Puja is a ritual that is performed to prevent the Nagas from becoming angry. If we please them, they will help us beyond imagination.

The Nagas are only "awake" on certain days and 12 July, 2013 in Tibetan calendar is marked as "Naga days" where offering can be make for Naga.

Quick glimpse on the activities of our Naga Puja day :-)

1) All participants observed vegetarianism a day before Naga puja

2) Everyone gathered at 'Marina south pier' to on board to Ferry. Having Lamas brought all the necessary tools/instruments and Wealth Vases for ritual ceremony.

3) Departed from pier, Ritual ceremony was conducted by Ven. Rinpoches and Lamas on board

4) Made offering of milk,etc. and wealth vases that contain mantra, gems, herbs,grains and others precious items to the nagas.

4) Stopped by at "Kusu" Island for short breaks and pictures taking

5) Headed back to inland and vegetarian restaurant for lunch

Marpa Kagyu Dharma society would like to take this opportunity to thanks Rinpoches, Lamas for their hard works and dedications. And the endless supports from Dharma friends from Singapore,Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

May this Puja bring merit accumulation as well as countless benefits and good luck to all of them and the sentient beings.

Uploaded on: 20 July 2013